The main characteristics of Chinese birdes-to-be are all their shyness and the beauty. The term “chinglish” literally means delicate or small in size, so it is no surprise that Chinese brides to be are small , delicate. Many Westerners would be hard pressed to get yourself a Chinese woman who looks like a model, not to mention one that can competently take on an American charm queen. But , there are certain features that every very good Chinese girl should have.

The primary characteristic of a Chinese bridal costume is its low waist, normally about mid-thigh. For that reason, Chinese brides are also regarded simply because “hong cha”, which literally means small miss. However , in contrast to western females, Chinese birdes-to-be have a naturally slimmer waistline, that they get the nickname “small moon”. The normal beauty of Chinese brides is a little little high, having a small , low, almost up and down profile, along with delicate arms, a tender and thin neckline, and passionate sight. Chinese birdes-to-be pay close attention to appropriate diet.

The second main characteristic of an Chinese wedding outfit is the color of the dress on its own. Chinese wedding events are usually carried out in red, for which there is no other rationale except to associate that with the imperial Chinese administration. In fact , the type red has been said to correspond to the celestial satellite, which was seen as a symbol of fertility inside the lunar calendar of China. Consequently , red certainly is the color of the Chinese bride.